The Nordic Freelanceseminar 2014 is approaching.

We are so lucky that really many want to join us.
25 Swedish freelancers will come to Korsør. 24 will arrive from Norway. 25 will participate from the Finnish radio and tv freelancers, FAO and also 25 from the Finnish press freelancers, SFJ and there will be around 40 Danish participants.

We gather at the nice Grand Park Hotel in Korsør very near the Storebæltsbro that connects Denmark. Busses will transport the guest from Korsør Station to the hotel Friday and back again Sunday.

You can read much more about the program for the three days on this website.

The theme will be The Dedicated Freelancers – and the Limits of their Work.

Work Life balance for freelancers.

At the Seminar you will meet occupational Health Consultant Eva Jakobsen, Dansk Journalistforbund.
She says; when your car needs oil, you don’t hesitate for a very long time to repair it. But what about your self?
On this short video at FreelanceGruppen she talks about jobinsecurity, lack of feedback for freelancers today and first of all the freelancers own high expectations. At the seminar she will talk about how to handle some of those problems.